Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holiday Blogging.......

Hi all ...when I mentioned homework there were a few groans but I hope you enjoy the process at least a little!

Homework for the holidays is to add another post about the book you are reading. It may be a new book or it may be an update on the book from your last post - be thoughtful about your post and remember who your audience is - possibly the whole world!

The other part of your homework is to comment on the posts of your classmates and read back through your post's comments and respond to the comments made. You may end up leaving several comments for the same post as classmates respond to your answers.

Happy blogging - Ms H.

The Ring Of Five


The book I am reading is called The Ring Of Five by Eoin Mcnamee. The story is a fictional book which involves spies, psychics and many more interesting non-human creatures.


The main characters in the book are Danny who is a person from the upper world ( our normal world ) who is taken to an island in between the upper world and the lower world ( a world full of non-human creatures ) which is called " Wilsons " . He is then taught how to be a spy and it unfolds as if he had been a spy since he was born. Les, a child who has wings and is known as a messenger. He helps Danny settle in to Wilsons and is a good friend of Danny's. Vandra a girl psychic who has vampire like teeth for giving poisons or medicines to people through a bite. She is also very kind to any and is part of their mission later in the story. The final main character is a girl called Dixie. She has the power to disappear and then re-appear in a completely different place. Dixies complexion is alot paler than the usual person and she has a strong friendship with the other 3 main characters.

The plot of the story so far is that Danny believes that he is on his way to boarding school but arrives at a mysterious academy. He doesn't know it yet but he is going to embark on a terrifying mission to save his home world. He begins his training to become a spy and along the way he becomes friends with other students who have different worldly talents. Also during his training he has had someone trying to kill him. Further into the story Danny is given a fake letter ( he doesn't know at the time ) stating that his parents have been killed, and so he leaves the academy to join with a group of evil called " The Ring Of Five ". The group are trying to come together to attempt to wipe out the normal human race. With his looks, Danny is accepted into the ring because he is thought to be the missing link. This is because he has the looks of two races of people. This is as far as I have read but I can't wait to read more of this incredible book.

I would rate this book for the amount I've read a 9 out of a possible 10. This is because it is very intriguing to read, it catches and holds your attention which I love.
By TJAWEsome

Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight

The book I'm reading at the moment is called 'Joel and Cat Set the Story Straight' by Nick Earls and Rebecca Sparrow. It is a book published in 2007 and is suited for mature reads.
The main characters are Cat Davis and Joel Hedges, followed by Cat's little brother Max, Cat's parents, Joel's mum, Jorge and Betty.
So far, Cat and Joel are known to hate each other and surprisingly they are involved in a tandem story together. Cat's mother has just left the house and Joel's mother is hanging around with a guy called Jorge. In the book with pages to come, it says that Cat's father and Joel's mother start dating each other. Very bad development since Cat and Joel hate each other deeply.
The book is in parts eg, Joel starts to say about his opinion and tell a story, next Cat does her story and her opinion, etc, etc. I strongly agree that this book is suited for mature reads, but Cat's side of the story is more interesting than Joel's. I (so far) rate this book 6-7 out of 10.

Poisonous Inspiration

Pretty Little Mistakes

What book am I reading?
I'm reading a book called Pretty Little Mistakes. This book is an interesting one because you are the chararter and at the end of each page you are given two choices and when you choose one it's like making a choice in your life. This book has one beginning and 150 different endings but I've been choosing the wrong ones and have ended up dying 4 times. The thing I like about Pretty Little Mistakes is that each choice leads onto a different storyline and if you make a mistake you can go back and change your choice, unlike real life. I would rate this book so far an 9 out of 10 because it holds my attention and I can't wait to discover the other endings.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Well this is the first Post on the Hyden Primary Literary Circle and its all pretty exciting. This post is a big welcome to Year 7’s Trent, Ivy and Taylah who will be learning all about blogging and creating their own blog this year. We are all going to write about the books we are reading and hopefully make contacts with students from other schools and find out what they are reading. It should be a lot of fun! We will join some blog circles and do a few challenges while we learn about web safety and down the track peer teach our friends about blogging.