Friday, August 20, 2010

September Challenge

One of the great things about the Blogging Challenge over at Edublogs is that you discover so many nifty things online like geogreetings - check out mine!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ghost Child

The book i'm ready is called 'Ghost Child' by Sonya Hartnett. It is a mature 'young adults' book, but so far, it's very interesting to enjoy and read.

The characters in the book so far are Matilda Victoria Adelaide ('Maddie'. She is from a rich family and is the main character), Matilda's parents; Mother (very snooty and disapproval of Matilda) & Father (the rich 'iron man' who has a rather adventurous soul), Feather (a boy Matilda meets on the beach and whom she madly falls in love with), and the young boy who talks to seventy-year-old Matilda

So far, there isn't really a plot. The book has two parts that sometimes confuse me. The part of Matilda as a 70-year-old telling a young boy her life, and then the story part of her youth that she tells. I've read up to the part when she's told her parents that she's in love with a free-cared and poor man called Feather. Her snooty mother disapproves, but her father is willing to give the boy a chance. Matilda's afraid that if Feather agrees to her fathers terms, Feather would be mad at her for taking his freedom. But he says yes; for he is in love with Matilda and will do anything for her.

How Matilda got up in this situation, was the fact that she had finished school. Her father, at dinner, asked her
'What's the most beautifulest thing in the world?' . Matilda doesn't know, so her father took on a trip around the entire globe to show Matilda the world and if that would find her answer. Before hand, she said 'sea eagles'. Now she says that Feather is. Unsure of her life, she thinks she would die without Feather. But there is more to come within the book...

I am unsure on how i wold rate this book, since i don't know much about it. The one thing that intrigues me to read it is the fabulous and deep description that Sonya has written in the book. It's striking and powerful, but the book is based on a hard romance of uncertainty. So far, out of 10, i would give 'Ghost Child' a 7 or 8 out of 10.

While I'm away..........Blogging Challenge

While I am away the September Blogging Challenge will be I would like you all to complete each challenge as they appear on the September Blogging Challenge blog. There is usually 1 challenge a fortnight and the challenge runs for about 2-3 months - 10 challenges in all. It might take you more than a week to complete the challenges and you may need to help each other out with it. I'll try to check the blog regulraly while I'm away and leave comments and suggestions for you!

Today we will familiarise ourselves with the Blogging Challenge site and have a look at a few other class and student blogs that have joined the challenge.

If you have the time, inclination, energy and have something to say about something you could create your own blog but our blog guidelines would have to apply to your blog if you join the challenge.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Hunt For Ned Kelly


The book I have just finished reading is called " The Hunt For Ned Kelly " by Sophie Masson. She has entwined fiction with the true facts from the Kelly era which has created a fantastic read.


The main characters in this story are Ellen and Jamie Ross. There are many sub-characters that come into the book at different times such as Jamie and Ellen's Uncle Will and Aunt Julia, Mrs Pickett who lets them stay with her while they are away from home, Ned and Dan Kelly along with Steve Hart and Joe Byrne who all use false names to hide their identity and many more through the duration of the book.


The main plot of the story is Ellen and Jamie's father dies so they become orphaned. With their father owing alot of money, police come and take all of the siblings possessions except for the little bundles they are allowed to keep. After leaving home they head to Wangaratta where they are meant to be getting jobs but when Ellen tells Jamie the truth they continue on to the town of Beechworth. They stay at Beechworth for a while and after Jamie gets a job at a book store he overhears many conversations involving the notorious Kelly gang who are at large with a price on their heads. When they receive a letter from their uncle saying that their aunt is very ill and has been calling for them they leave all of their new friends in Beechworth and begin travelling back to Melbourne. On the way out of Beechworth the siblings run into a group of 3 horsemen and ask them if they would like a photo taken. After agreeing the 3 men tell Ellen and Jamie that they are Ned and Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. They decide to keep the photo to themselves and continue their journey back to Melbourne. When they have settled in, in Melbourne Jamie gets a job at the AGE and the person who helped him get the job, Sam, gets engaged with Ellen. The story ends with Ned Kelly being caught and trialed then being hung.

I would rate this book 9 and a half out of 10 because it is a very interesting story and it details the fascinating life of the most notorious bushranger of all time, Ned Kelly.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some more pics of our school

This is the early childhood center
This is a part of the main school building and a mural that
students painted a couple of years ago.

This is our multi-purpose room and the library
Our little school playground