Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our School Photos

Our new canteen that is currently being built

The front of our school.

This weeks challenge......

This week we are going to take a few photos around the school and add them to our blog (make sure there are NO students in your photo!!!!) - add a brief explanation about the photo.

To add a picture to the bog as a post we select 'New Post' from the dashboard and click on the 'Add Picture' button in the menu between 'Check Spelling' button and 'Add Video' button. A new window will pop up. Locate the picture from your computer using the 'Browse' button, select position and size and click on 'Upload Image'. Type your text above or below your picture.

If time allows we are going to check out some of the blogs in the previous post and choose at least one each to follow on our blog.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crime Scene Investigator

I have learnt that people will do anything to get money, they might fake death so the other person involved will receive the life insurance which will be a lot of money. I sort of would like to study crime and criminals later in life because I find the subject really interesting and I like to analyse things which would help in a crime scene. My most interesting crime scene was when 2 people stole a dead body from where it was being held and burnt it then told the police where they had seen a burnt body. This was really surprising when they had done it and then they helped the police to locate it, they must have planned it from the start but in the end they got caught and went to jail for a long time.

By TJawesome

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check out some blogs!

Use this link to check out some others schools blogs - some of these students aren't on holiday! What do you think - any you think we should follow?

Shelfari Bookcase

I was thinking that since this is a literature blog we should keep a record of the books we are reading and have read...and what do you know...there is a widget that keeps a record and displays the bookcover called shelfari. If we can't find a better widget I think we should add it - so this is PI's challenge for next week!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This Weeks Challenge(s).....

Adding a Widget....
Check out Widgetbox to see if there are any widgets you would like to add to our blog.

Some you might want to consider are:
  • Weather
  • News
  • Clocks
  • Maps
  • Visitor Trackers
  • Translators

To add a gadget (blogger for widget) to our blog you need to be in the dashboard and click on 'design'.

Select 'Add a gadget' - the sidebar is probably the best place to put it!

If you want to add a widget from widgetbox select 'html/Javascript'

Then follow the instructions from widgetbox.

Adding a picture......
Take a photo of a part of the school (do not include any students in it) add it to our blog with a description of the photo.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've Lost My Moblie At The Mall

The book i'm reading, that I've read in the past, is called 'I've Lost My Moblie At The Mall' by Wendy Harmer. The book is based on a bit of reality on the reaction of a modern teenager on the 'edge of a techno breakdown'. It sort of makes me laugh at life now.

The main teenager is a girl called Elly (along with Bianca, Tildy & Will, etc) . As based on the title, she lost her mobile at the mall and acts quite frantic. Her best friend, Bianca, has a boyfriend who puts embarrasing pictures of Elly on FaceBook. Elly then becomes very upset and hopes her boyfriend, Will, doesn't see them.
Standing up for her sister, Elly's big sis, Matilda (Tildy), trys to catch an embarrasing photo of Bianca's boyfriend at a friends place for revenge.
But somehting goes wrong with the photo and everyone gets the wrong idea when they see Will in the spa with Tildy's friend, who were ment to get the picture with Bianca's boyfriend!
Elly becomes emotionally heartbroken, but then takes matter into her own hands...and sadly makes everything make sense in the wrong way.
But you'll have to read the book yourself to know what happens next...

This book is suited for mature reads. I rate this book highly and give it the score of 9/10. It's really funny in the way of life of growing teenagers in nowdays. It gives you the no-denying feeling that mainly everything is based on technoligy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review

The Family Farm
The book I have just started reading is called The Family Farm. It was written by Fiona Palmer and I have read this book in the past but I really enjoyed it so I am reading it again.

Isabelle (Izzy for short) returns to the family farm after quiting her secret job as a farm assistant in NSW, her job is secret because her family think she is working as aNanny for the farm children. She returns back to her family farm hoping her father would let her help around the farm but her father still hasn't changed from her sisters fatal accident.
Izzy's father is very protective of her since her sister, Claire, got killed in a freak farming accident. He didn't want to lose Izzy and would not let her do anything. Izzy's mum tried to convice him to let her work but he just wouldn't listen. Izzy was frustrated because he was letting Will ( Claire's old friend and sort of boyfriend) help out . Will had become close to Izzy's father when Claire died because he understood his pain and shared his secret. Izzy hated Will because he broke Claire's heart just months before she died but little does Izzy know that Will and her father were keeping a HUGE secret from her and Will didn't actually break her heart so she was mad at him for nothing but he put up with it to protect the secret. But all of this changed when her father called up her and her mother up on the two-way telling them there was a fire in the cab of the header. While her mother called the Timmins, the neighbours, whose son was Will. Izzy was the first to reach the fire and saw the header engulfed with flames. She immediately started up the pump and started spraying down the header. Soon the Timmins arrieved and began doing the same, for once she was greatful that Will was here. Then as her father was climbing down he lost grip on the ladder and slipped into the inferno. Will raced into the fire to grab him but he soon disapered aswell. Will had become close to Izzy's father when Claire died because he understood his pain and shared his secret. After what seemed like forever Will emerged holiding Izzy's fathers limp body. His legs were red and blistered and they rushed him back to the house. For once Izzy felt thankful to Will...
I could tell you the rest because I've read it before put then you wouldn't want to read it. But there is a bit of a twist and she leaves the family farm but will she come back????
This book is special because the main character is based on my Aunty and the author has been her close friend since Primary School. I would give this book a 9 out of 10 because I love the storyline and love the descriptive language that makes you feel like you can see what the author is describing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Crime Scene Investigators


The book I have just finished reading is called " Crime Scene Investigators " by Allan Zullo. The book is factual with fiction threaded through out to hide real identities as full names are used. Inside the book there are ten different true tales involving criminal activities and crimes. ( Which I love!!! )


There are NO real main characters because with ten tales in one book and each of these only being 20 - 25 pages long it is hard to tell the main characters apart from the non-important characters. Every chapter involves several different main characters.


Each of the ten tales have there own plot because each outlines a whole different crime from murders to faked death etc. The plot of the whole book would be that every one of crimes in each tale has happened from some reason or another so police have to work to uncover what really happened to solve the crime.


As I enjoy the mystery of any crime and I love to read factual books I would rate this book 8 and a half out of ten because it is so interesting and it describes how police work to find the truth and convict the perpetrator.