Thursday, September 23, 2010

Semptember Blogging Challenge

Challenge 1
I think our blog is going to be interesting because we write about the books we read and we are country kids so you might learn something from us.
We mostly post about what we are raeding and we als0 review and rate the book. Occasionaly we post photos of things that are happening in our school.
We really hope that you enjoy and learn from our blog.
From the Hyden Primary School blogging students.

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Linda Yollis said...

Dear Hyden Primary,

My name is Mrs. Yollis, and we are part of the Blogging Challenge too! In fact, your blog is listed just below ours, so we will be visiting often and leaving comments! :-)

You mentioned that you are country kids. We live in a suburb of Los Angeles. Today we were talking about different types of communities: rural, suburban, and urban. I'm curious, what is the population of your town?

Looking forward to learning more!

Mrs. Y♥llis